What’s Behind the Store Closures in West Mobile Shopping Center

It’s hard for many long-time customers to believe that after 17 years, the Family Christian bookstore on Schillinger Road is closing its doors for good.

Store Manager Pam Breheim explained that even though the Mobile location was popular, the nationwide franchise declared bankruptcy and announced two weeks ago that they were closing all 240 locations.

Breheim believes a surge in online shopping may be to blame. “It’s the environment we’re in with online ordering like from Amazon and other competitors. It’s put a hurt on the local store. We saw this coming, but when it actually happens, it’s a surprise.”

It’s a similar situation for Gander Mountain in the same shopping center. The corporation recently filed for bankruptcy and decided to close several locations around the country, including the new one in West Mobile.

It’s a trend that large brick and mortar businesses around the country are facing in a world of low-cost internet shopping.

Neither store has released a definitive closing date. Breheim said she hopes to stay open through the Easter season.



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