Watch: Adorable Chihuahua Adopts Baby Squirrels

Photo Courtesy: Shelia Davis



A mother’s love knows no bounds, even if the babies are a completely different species. Shelia Davis of Goodway, Alabama sent us these adorable pictures and videos. Davis tells News 5 that she adopted the 4 orphaned squirrels last week. There eyes weren’t even open yet. They are being bottle fed at the moment.

But, it’s her dog, a little chihuahua named Suka who has really taken over the motherly duties. Suka is treating the baby squirrels like they are her own litter. Davis says “the moment I set the box down, she jumped in and started bathing and grooming them. She takes care of them and I feed them! She is really attached to them as you can see.”

Davis says when they can take care of themselves she will release them into her farm.

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