Mobile Police Say Former Student Made Terroristic Threats Against Baker High School

Baker High School was the target of what police are calling a ‘terrorist threat’ after a threatening social media post circulated the internet over the weekend. The post shows a picture of hand grenade clutched in hand with the words “this is going in the lunch room Monday.”

“Everything you do, whether it’s online or through an application, does leave a piece of evidence,” Kevin Levy, Cyber Intelligence Commander at MPD said.

This particular case was no different. A digital trail led Levy and his team to a 17-year-old former Baker High School student. The former student was arrested for making terrorist threats.

“There are mechanisms in place that assist law enforcement in working these types of cases, and if someone feels like they’re anonymous when posting these kinds of messages then they may have a false sense of security,” Levy said.

The former student told authorities this post was meant as a joke–however police don’t see it that way.

“There is no such thing as a joke when people feel that they are threatened, there is no such thing as a joke when you show a firearm or an explosive in a picture and send it to someone saying that you’re going to do some harm with it– that’s a threat,” Levy said.

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