Family Members Beg for Crestview Hit and Run Driver to Come Forward

A Crestview family is begging the public to help find the person involved in a hit and run that killed their brother, son and nephew, 26-year-old Cornelius Mcqueen.  The deadly incident happened at the intersection of Ferdon Boulevard and Griffith Avenue.

Friends and family are obviously devastated at the loss of their loved one.  They’ve all gathered together at Cornelius Mcqueen’s mother’s home to offer support and love to each other.  They now request the help of the community to bring their family peace.

The grief is almost unbearable for Cornelius Mcqueen’s family.  They are in shock over their loss and how it happened.

“He wasn’t supposed to die like that,” said Mcqueen’s brother, Delroy Durm.  “It was wrong to just leave somebody, careless… have no regard for what you did, who you took… that was wrong. ”

Cornelius Mcqueen, 26, was hit by a car on Sunday morning around 6 A.M.  The driver left him laying in Ferdon as they fled the scene.

“It was just…. it was just unbelievable,” said Linda James, Mcqueen’s aunt.  “I won’t get that call no more, or we won’t get that message no more. It’s just unbelievable.”

Mcqueen was hit by two more cars.  Those drivers stopped to alert first responders, but Mcqueen was pronounced dead at the scene.

“They knew what they did,” Durm said.  “They knew… they knew. This was no accident, this was a murder, this was a homicide. There is nothing accidental about… Somebody would have stopped if this was an accident. This was murder, this is a homicide.”

Crestview Police have no description of the hit and run vehicle or the person who was behind the wheel.  The vehicle may have damage on the front end, on the right side.

Family members have started GoFundMe pages to help with expenses stemming from the hit and run.  To donate, you can click here or here.

If you know anything about what could have happened, or you’d like to confess, call the Crestview Police at 682-2055.  Tips can be submitted anonymously.




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