Crestview Police Ask Drug Dealers To Turn In Their Competition

What once was a joke to a local police department has turned into a full campaign to get drug dealers off the streets.

Crestview Police Department has taken on a different approach to catching the bad guys.

Crestview officers  are passing out flyers in an attempt to get drug dealers to tell on other drug dealers.

“If you [know] anyone, you fill it out and bring it up to the police department,” Officer Tyler Thomason said to one citizen while passing out flyers. “We’re just trying to catch them and make the city a little bit safer.”

That’s all it takes: Filling out a form, but that form — designed to get dealers to rat out other dealers — started from a joke within the department and the public.

“Everybody laughed and thought it was a good idea,” says Crestview Investigator Shawn Temple.

Some citizens weren’t fooled by the initial joke but were shocked to learn the department turned it from a joke to a full-fledged operation.

“Surely this is a joke, but I read the article and it’s for real,”  said Joseph Rapps, who lives in Crestview.

“It may work. If they get one person or two or three guys, what did they spend? The cost of a form?” Rapps said. “It’s worth a try.”

And that’s what Crestview Police think, too. They believe some may go for it.

“[They may think] ‘Well, I am going to fill this out to get my competition,’ but your competition could be filling it out on you,” Temple said.

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