Fairhope Geese Being Struck By Blow Darts

geese hit by blow darts

This goose was photographed Saturday morning. If you look closely, you can see the blue end of what appears to be a blow dart sticking out of its neck. No one seems to know what happened or who did it.

“I don’t think it was very nice! Whoever it was, it was a bad person,” says Don Smith.

Animal cruelty surprised many people here. People usually come here to the park to relax, walk along the pier and enjoy sunsets.

“Yeah, it’s very surprising that someone could do that to a poor animal like that, that’s really, really bad,” says Jessica Williams.

“I’m not a fan of geese but at the same time I would not hurt them or kill them,” says Chris Gibson.

A picture of another goose shot in the neck was sent to us by a viewer who says it happened earlier this month. Folks say it has to stop.

“I think it’s cruel and unusual. I mean why do that to beautiful geese?” says Kittra Weiss.

Most here believe it was a stunt by teenagers. But with so many people enjoying the park and little or no surveillance cameras, it’s hard to pin down a suspect. Police tell me Fish and Wildlife Services were called to help out.

“I don’t think it was something malicious, I think they were just goofing off and hey, let’s go do this and it’s sad kids these days are doing that kind of stuff,” says Weiss.

We reached out to Fish and Wildlife Services for any word on if they were able to locate and help the geese, but we have not received a call back yet.

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