Help Catch The Turtle Creek Thief Caught On Camera

In this video, you can tell this man did not expect to see a security camera pointed right at him. Seconds later, he’s on the ground, sneaking up to it and then…you see it move and point straight up. Mike Belvin lives in the neighborhood.

“It looks like the same suspect has been around at some of these other neighborhoods doing similar activity,” says Belvin.


Here’s another video taken February 20th. You see the camera shake and point skyward.

“We had two vehicles broken into that night,” says Belvin.

Then March 6, it looks like the camera was hit by something and you see the suspect’s shoes for a minute. This is what it looked like after.

“And we had at least one vehicle broken into that night.”

This is an ongoing problem. Before thieves would just target car doors left open, but then neighbors saw broken windows and much more.


Belvin believes this same thief has been able to gain access into garages in the neighborhood, which can be very disturbing especially for families with young children.

“I’m mad because it gets my wife upset. We have kids you know, and she’s worried for their safety and somebody getting in our garage or something like that.”

He’s reminded neighbors to lock doors, keep your outdoor lights on. Many are getting their own security cameras.

“You just want to catch him. I think a lot of people just want to catch him in the act,” says Belvin.

MPD has a detective on the case, but any help from the public would be appreciated.

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