Video: Stunt Riders Brutally Beat Driver on CA Highway

A San Francisco Bay area driver is recovering after being beaten by a gang of motorcycle riders on the highway. It was all caught on camera. Not only were the bikers bold enough to do tricks during rush hour, they also brutally beat one driver who barely collided with them.

What began as a sideshow shortly became a violent attack. The video shows a white sedan and a dirt biker collide. Then the gang surrounds the car as it tries to pull over. Once stopped in traffic a man in a red hoodie hops off his dirt bike and starts punching and kicking the car, smashing the window, all while another driver took video. The witness says,  “they either pulled him out or he got out and about 5 of these guys were taking shots at him and hitting him and kicking him and they broke his leg and he was severely injured.”

That’s where the video ends and the witness who took the video jumped out of the car to help the driver. CHP hasn’t released the victim’s name but says hes in his thirties, working for Lyft, and is recovering in the hospital.

The gang took off and CHP has no idea who they are. “This is their usual MO. They ride around doing tricks, a lot of times no plates so it’s very hard to ID,” says Vu Williams with the California Highway Patrol. Most of them wear helmets, concealing their faces and identity further. The video helps, but CHP hopes someone else on the highway Wednesday night has information that could lead to an arrest.


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