‘Swank’ Prom Billboard is Must-See Attraction in Semmes

SEMMES, AL (WKRG) — A student at MGM High School is making a pre-prom splash for a billboard he paid for in Semmes.

Dwain Little, who goes by his nickname “Swank,” is apparently looking for a prom date. The billboard, which features himself in a flashy pose, reads, “You tryna go to prom with Swank?”

Here at WKRG News 5, we aren’t exactly sure what Swank is asking.  Is he looking for a prom date?  Is he trying to find out if potential dates want to go to prom with him? Is Swank asking a rhetorical question?

Perhaps Swank is planning to go to prom alone, and pick up a date there.  Perhaps Swank is teasing all of Semmes and not going to prom at all. Perhaps News 5 needs to launch a full investigation into Swank and his motives.

Regardless, Swank is the talk of the town in Semmes, where his billboard is gaining plenty of attention. His Instagram account, which he prominently included on the billboard, features many photos and videos of his life, including a failed attempt to build a toilet paper fort at Walmart.

We have reached out to this “Swank” character for an interview with News 5’s Allen Carter.  Hear from him tonight on News 5.

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