UPDATE: MPD Catch Suspected Kidnapper After Pursuit Through Mobile


Mugshot of 2016 arrest of Carleton Moore

Mobile Police have confirmed to News 5 that a suspect in the kidnapping of a woman has been captured.

Carleton Moore, 32, was taken into custody after police used road spikes to stop Moore’s vehicle, bringing an end to the morning chase at the CVS parking lot at Old Shell Road and McGregor Street.

Moore is accused of entering a home at Azalea Point Apartments and forcibly removing the woman from the residence. The woman was in the car with Moore and is safe, News 5 is told.

Witnesses earlier confirmed to News 5 that the suspect that was taken into custody was Moore, the same man named by Mobile Police this morning.  Moore has a previous history that includes Domestic Violence.

Police were called to Azalea Point Apartments after a father stated his daughter was forcibly removed from the apartment. According to a release by Mobile Police, the suspect stated that he would kill her and the rest of the family if she did not leave them. Prichard Police were notified as well because the suspect is believed to live in Prichard.

A previous version of this story stated that Moore’s tires were shot out by police, as witnesses on the scene had stated. Police called News 5 to clarify and say that road spikes, not gunfire, was used to stop Moore’s vehicle. 


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