Scambuster: Scammers Knocking At Your Door

front door

We’ve told you about emails and phone calls, now it’s dangerous to answer your door. Every year when the weather gets nicer, traveler scams get popular.

“Essentially it’s a group of people, traveling from house to house, neighborhood to neighborhood, and it’s a variety of scams,” says Sgt. Joe Mahoney with the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office.

Recently, a man walked into a gulf shores business saying he was with Baldwin EMC. He told the business owner they were late on their power bill and only had 15 minutes to pay or else power would be cut. He gave them a phone number to call to make the payment, but obviously, that number would have led them straight to other scammers. Just know, the power company will never call you or send someone to your door. Another tactic of the traveler scam is they come knock at your door selling a product or service.

“They come by and say hey we noticed your driveway needs repairing, you know we have this fix, it’s going to be a cheap fix, we can do it for you. and they come out and if they provide any work at all, it’s usually substandard and it’s no fix,” says Mahoney.

And then they’re gone with your money.

They also like to do what’s called a distraction scam. They knock at your door and then either take you somewhere away from your front door. While they have you distracted somewhere else, their counterpart sneaks in the front door and loots through your personal things. Be smart—don’t open the door for anyone you don’t know, just yell “no thank you” through the door, or tell them you are calling police.

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