Mom Streams 10-Year-Old Son Driving on Facebook Live

MONROE, CT (WCBS/CNN) – A 10-year-old in Connecticut took his family’s SUV for a joy ride with his mother in the passenger seat.

She streamed the entire ride on Facebook Live.

Police said Lisa Nussbaum let her son behind the wheel to take it for a spin.

“It was shocking to see someone so young driving the vehicle on a roadway. You could see the houses passing by in the background as you were watching the video,” Capt. Keith White of the Monroe Police said.

Ed Woodford has lived in Nussbaum’s neighborhood for 35 years and said it’s irresponsible.

“Not a neighborhood like this, it’s definitely not safe. The parent would not have control of the vehicle,” Woodford said.

Nussbaum did not comment on the incident, despite attempts from local media.

“Everybody is watching, people are reporting what they see on social media sites,” White said.

Nussbaum was charged with risk of injury and impairing the morals of a child.

She’s due in court on Friday.

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