High Cash Bond for Alleged Vehicle Shooter

William Touchstone appeared in court Wednesday morning for a bond hearing.

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) – William Derek Touchstone will have to come up with more than $2 million in cash if he wants to bond out of jail.  A judge set the high bond during a preliminary hearing Wednesday calling him a danger to the community.

Touchstone is accused of randomly shooting into occupied vehicles at least twice and wounding the drivers in both cases.  Chad Cooper was shot in the hand when a bullet was fired into his vehicle while he was driving on Moffat Road.  Another shooting at Hillcrest and Girby Roads critically injured Matthew Carlisle.  Both drivers said they have endured hardships including surgery, hospitalization and lost work time.

Touchstone was arrested along with Trenton Allen, who gave investigators a statement identifying Touchstone as the shooter in one of the cases.  Allen said he was in the car with Touchstone and prosecutors were intending to charge him as a co-defendant.  However, the judge did not find probable cause and dropped the charges against Allen.

District Judge Joe Basinberg set bond at $500,000 cash for each of the four felonies Touchstone faces including shooting into an occupied vehicle, second-degree assault, tampering with evidence and reckless endangerment.

The case will now head to a grand jury.

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