Baldwin County Animal Shelter Full, Needs Your Help

There is not an empty kennel at the Baldwin County Animal Shelter in Summerdale. In fact, there are so many dogs tough decisions may be ahead. The shelter has been able to operate for more than a year without euthanizing dogs but that could be coming to an end.

“It seems like every day we open up three or four and three or four come in. We’re right on the edge. That’s what makes it so hard, it’s tough.” Shelter Director Kevin Kiser says adoption is the only answer, “to save as many animals.”

80 to 100 dogs are at the shelter now and the only thing certain is more are on the way.

Another reason for the sense of urgency for the adoption of animals, it’s puppy season. Lots of puppies are coming into the shelter and while they may be small, they take up a lot of time, space and effort.

“Right now we have been able to handle them and get enough adoptions,” says Kiser. But without continued support, the clock is ticking and lives are at stake.

Dogs can be adopted for 30 dollars, cats for 25 from now until March 24th.

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