Open House Party Arrests Kick-off Spring Break

Open House Party arrests
House party ends Spring Break early for almost three dozen students.

This house is empty now. The garbage cans full, chairs around the pool vacant. A quick exit and eviction for spring breakers after a Baldwin County Sheriff’s deputy discovered an Open House Party.

“Some of it is just unfortunate situations where they just weren’t careful enough, maybe left the door open,” says college student Abby Herndon. “Those kind of things happen and just wasn’t good.”

20-year-old Anniston Hope Howell and almost three dozen party-goers were arrested and jailed for underage drinking. “There’s been a lot going on everywhere,” says Herndon. “Some people just aren’t being smart I think.”

According to the sheriff’s office, a deputy on patrol spotted a girl standing in West Lagoon Avenue in Gulf Shores yelling at motorists. When he stopped, she ran into the house where as many as 50 other kids were partying.

“There’s stupid people everywhere so it’s going to happen,” says spring breaker Ethan Freishtat. “You put a bunch of college kids together on the beach and it’s not going to work out for everyone.”

Law enforcement has beefed up patrols and a ban on alcohol seems to be working on the beach. But it is also pushing the parties behind closed doors. “My advice,” says student Emily Nadel, “just make good decisions.”

And just like the empty rental home, if you don’t play by the rules, you’re out.

Not only did Spring Break end early for those college students, they also forfeited the nearly five thousand dollar rental fee for a week at the beach.

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