Impeachment on State Legislature’s Agenda Tuesday and Wednesday


Montgomery, AL (WKRG) – You’ll remember late last year when then-Attorney General Luther Strange asked members of the house to put a hold on their impeachment proceedings.  Strange said his office was doing related work into the Governor.  

People are trying to find out if Gov. Robert Bentley used state resources to help hide a long-rumored affair with his former top aide Rebekah Mason. Then just a couple of months later Luther Strange is appointed to the US Senate.  

Some in the legislature felt that was a corrupt deal.  Now, a house committee will meet this morning to discuss articles of impeachment which were drafted more than a year ago. The governor has been committed to the same line. Gov. Bentley has repeatedly said he’s done nothing wrong and has consistently tried to dodge questions on impeachment.  

Members of the Alabama legislature have ensured that they will be talking about impeachment for the next couple of days.  A house committee is meeting this morning.  A senate committee meeting on impeachment is happening tomorrow morning.  

This isn’t the only legal headache for Governor Robert Bentley.  State Auditor Jim Zeigler filed suit recently demanding the election for the US Senate seat be held immediately not more than a year from now in 2018.

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