Good Sport: Student Athlete Soars Despite Setbacks

Mobile, AL- She soars above the rest in the classroom, on the track, and in life. WKRG News 5 spills the “beans” with an inspirational story on this week’s “Good Sport”.

Kaitlyn Beans has experienced a few setbacks in her young life, but she’s not one to complain.

“Me, I’ve always been that outgoing fun-loving person who’s never been afraid to try new things, so it’s kind of how I fell into track and field. I played basketball and volleyball and track just kind of happened,” says Bean.

And what’s happening in Kaitlyn’s life is pretty amazing. She’s turning out to be one of the top collegiate long and triple jumpers in the country. She recently scored a double-win in the indoor Sun Belt Conference championships taking first in the long and triple.

“So I do the long jump and it’s pretty much, run as fast as you can down the runway and you jump off one foot as far as you can, so it’s just one jump. The triple jump, is in short terms, again run as fast as you can, but it is more of a hop, a step and then it’s a jump into the pit, so you hop twice on one leg and then you switch to another and you just try to get as far as you can,” says Bean.

Kaitlyn’s road to success has been a long one, she’s a bit injury prone because she’s carrying the sickle-cell trait.

“What it does is blocks a lot of the blood movement give you a lot of pain and dehydration,” says Bean.

Her smile and attitude have opened many doors along the way. She’s the president of her sorority. She excels in the classroom and community involvement is very important to Kaitlyn.

“We have an initiative called one million back packs. We collect money and school supplies. We buy different backpacks, different colors, stuff them all with school supplies and give them away to local school children, says Bean.

“She does a really good job of managing her time, athletically, academics and she also has some other extracurricular activities and organizations she’s involved with. She’s a model student-athlete,” says Coach Brueske.

Kaitlyn Beans is so impressive South Alabama put her image on the side of the Mitchell Center for everyone to see. Now when you see it, you’ll say, ” I know her, she’s a Good Sport.”
“And it says up there that we are high flyers. We reach for the heights here at South and every Jaguar’s going for something past success. I went from being told I’m not going to make it at college because of my financial situation to I haven’t paid anything to South. They’ve paid for me to be here and paid my education. Memories that I wouldn’t trade for anything” says Bean.

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