Police chase of alleged kidnapping ends with suspect behind bars

Pascagoula, Mississippi- An alleged kidnapping in Mobile led to a pursuit on Highway 90 in Pascagoula where a Jackson County Sheriff’s deputy was shot at, but not injured.

The incident occured about 3AM Sunday morning.

The driver of a tan SUV was an unidentified Mobile woman.

Her 16-year old son was in the front passenger seat during the chase.

Sheriff Mike Ezell says the woman told deputies that Terrell Lee Johnson kidnapped her and her son at gunpoint from their home after she heard her other son fighting with Johnson.

Johnson allegedly forced them into the SUV heading towards Pascagoula.

The woman told deputies Johnson was shooting two guns at the deputy chasing them beginning at Highway 90 at Market Street.

When the deputy attempted a traffic stop of the SUV, the driver took off west, and the deputy began chasing the vehicle.

Sheriff Ezell says the deputy saw muzzle flashes and heard gun shots from both sides of the back passenger windows and also saw broken glass and shattered concrete hitting the front of his patrol unit.

Johnson started throwing items out of both sides of the vehicle at the Pascagoula and Gautier city limits, which is where Gautier Police and eventually Biloxi police, joined the chase.

The chase ended in a casino parking lot.

Everyone in the vehicle was arrested and taken to the Adult Detention Center in Pascagoula.

Mobile Police went to the Mobile driver’s house where Sheriff Ezell says they found the front door open, the Mobile Woman’s other son was missing, and there was evidence of an assault.

The Mobile Woman’s other son was later found and taken to a Mobile hospital to be treated for unknown injuries.

Sheriff Ezell says two pistols believed to be the ones Johnson fired were found near the west river bridge on Highway 90, one gun was reported stolen in Mobile.

Investigators have charged Johnson with aggravated assault on a police officer and he is in the Adult Detention Center without bond.

Mobile Police also have a hold on him on aggravated assault, robbery, and kidnapping charges.

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