Prichard Police Investigating Shooting Death


Neighbors say they heard gunshots Friday night.  Annie Jones said she knew someone was hurt and started to pray.

I tell God, I say Lord, I don’t know these young men and I don’t know these young ladies but you know them, and He know all of us and all we got to do is put our trust in God,” said Jones.  Yellow police tape is still wrapped around a fence post near where the victim’s body was found.  Other neighbors were also calling for prayers.

It’s stupid, crazy, why are we killing each other off?  We need to get prayers into lives and people need to start going to church,” said Cleon Williams.  

img_2968 img_2970


Police in Prichard say a man is dead after being shot multiple times. It happened at 8 o’clock Friday night near Gehrig and Petain streets.

A 34-year-old man was killed. Police say the investigation is in its early stages. They are asking anyone with information to call  251-452-2211.

News 5’s Chad Petri is looking into this developing story and will have more tonight on New 5.

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