Fairhope’s Kilborn Clinic Will Have State-Of-The-Art Cancer Treatment Technology


Something special is going on over in Fairhope. A new, state of the art cancer clinic will open this summer that will help bring treatment, and so much more, to the people in Baldwin county. It will be known as the Kilborn Clinic, named after local attorney, Vince Kilborn.

“This will be chemotherapy infusion, so it’s going to have nice, vaulted ceilings with wood, tons of windows, lots of glass, lots of light coming in,” says center director Dr. Mike Finan.

The Mitchell Center’s new cancer clinic in Fairhope has a lot going for it. It will be 14,000 square feet and offer a full spectrum of cancer treatments including chemotherapy and radiation. One of its biggest benefactors is local attorney Vince Kilborn, who at one time, worked for President Donald Trump when he was looking for casino locations in Alabama.

Kilborn contributed $1.5 million to the project. He, like many others, have been affected by cancer.

“My dad died of it, many people in my family died of it and I decided if I could, I would do something about it. And when I approached Dr. Tony Waldrop about the public-private partnership and he gave me an opportunity to help with this and Dr. Mike Finan, the director, he’s all behind it, so it’s just an ideal situation to move health care forward,” says Kilborn.

A big part of moving forward is state of the art technology. Here they will have what’s called a linear accelerator. Used for radiation therapy, it can pinpoint the smallest of tumors.

“A very narrow beam down to, really, just about a millimeter in size,”’ says Dr. Finan.

Former U.S. Surgeon General, Regina Benjamin, grew up on the eastern shore.

“My mother died of lung cancer and I wish she had had a facility like this,” says Benjamin.

Naturally, she has an interest in the community’s well-being.

“So I’m excited about the fact that we have it right here in our community benefitting our citizens,” says Benjamin.

“Our people in Baldwin County and the panhandle, even the coast, they deserve the best healthcare, and that’s exactly what this is going to be!” Says Kilborn.

Dr. Finan says they will never turn anyone away if they can’t pay for treatments. They’ll have people on staff to help get them Medicaid or some type of help. The Kilborn Clinic is set to open late this summer.

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