Lightning Strike Burns Tree From the Inside Out!

Tree on Fire from lightning strike in St. Louis. Video credit: Jim Probst

ST. LOUIS, MO (WKRG) — In a St. Louis Cemetery on March 1, a lightning strike is to blame for a tree burning from the inside out.

While lightning strikes causing trees to burn isn’t anything out of the blue, this lightning strike caused the base of the tree to explode. All that was left was the base of the tree being burned, and shockingly, the exterior half of the tree looks to still be in tact.

The reason for the explosion was the rapid heating of moisture found in the tree and ground. The water boiled and expanded and eventually caused the tree to explode since the expanding water molecules didn’t have anywhere to go. You can clearly see where the lightning strike went through the tree, but the base definitely had the worst of it.

The video was posted on Facebook by Jim Probst.

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