Someone built an alert for when April the giraffe goes into labor

A very pregnant April the giraffe at Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York. (WIVT/WBGH)

It’s been hours.


Millions of people are watching a pregnant giraffe in anticipation of its birth.

April could go into labor any day, and one Seattle man knows a ton of people want to know when it happens, so he built an alert system.

It can be found at, or click here.

Simply enter your email, and when people start seeing April go into labor, you’ll get a message.

Tom Horton only asks for “beer money” if you appreciate the service.

He’s selling shirts, too.

Animal Adventure Park, where April is at, is also selling giraffe swag.


The Labor Alert and Baby Update text system is now ready for you to subscribe! It will provide you immediate updates, and exclusive content, from labor to May 31st. This will be your first line for updates from labor, to first steps, to first day outside, and more.

Subscribe at:

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