Scambuster: Medicare Recipients Being Targeted


Folks in our area are getting calls from people claiming to represent medicare, offering free medical devices.

“All they want in exchange is your Medicare information and they will, in turn, bill Medicare and in some cases, you may actually receive something but it’s going to be a lower quality, something that they probably billed Medicare hundreds of thousands of dollars for,” says Sgt. Joe Mahoney with the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office.

If it’s a company looking to rip you off, this could cause Medicare costs to go up. But if it wasn’t a company and just your regular scammer, then you could not receive anything in the mail and now scammers have your personal information. This scam specifically targets the elderly because thieves think that if they talk fast enough or tell them they’re with Medicare, they will give them anything they ask for. But if you ever have any questions, ask your doctor.

“And if you believe you’re in medical supplies or devices, your doctor’s office is set up to work with Medicare and they will, in turn. give you the devices that you actually need and it’s going to be legitimate equipment,” says Mahoney.

Remember: Medicare, or the federal government for that matter, will never contact you for information so always be on guard if that happens to you.

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