Mary Rice Indicted in Escambia County for First Degree Murder

Mary Rice sits in court in Santa Rosa County on Tues., Feb. 21.

The woman police say is an accomplice of Billy Boyette has been indicted in Escambia county.  Boyette went on a killing spree last month, with four total victims in Florida and Alabama.  As State Attorney Bill Eddins explained, Rice’s charges in Santa Rosa will soon be dismissed because she’ll now face those charges in Escambia county.

“Under accessory after the fact law, if you engage in any acts in a particular county, you can be charged in that county,” Eddins explained.  “So in order to be more efficient, we have decided to charge Mary Rice with not only the homicide in Escambia county, involving Mrs. Crocker, but also the accessory after the fact from Santa Rosa county based on the evidence we have.”

The discovery process will likely be lengthy.  Eddins says could take 12-24 months.

“It’s a case that’s complicated and has a large number of witnesses and significant evidence that will need to be presented,” Eddins said.  “There are several locations where incidents occurred, and as a result, it’s going to be a lengthier case than most we present.”

The state attorneys say they’ll request no bond for Rice, and they’re glad they could bring these charges for Kayla Crocker’s family.

“We’re very pleased that we were able to obtain an indictment and we’re very confident in our position,” Eddins began.  “As you know I’m limited and cannot discuss the facts of the case. The only lawyer that’s discussed the facts of the matter is the defense lawyer who presented his defense on television.”

We reached out to Ken Brooks, Rice’s attorney, for a statement but didn’t hear back.  Rice will appear in court on these new charges tomorrow afternoon in Santa Rosa County.

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