Mary Rice Indicted for 3 Deaths in Northwest Florida

Mary Rice sits in court in Santa Rosa County on Tues., Feb. 21.

Mary Rice, the woman accused of aiding Billy Boyette Jr. in a crime spree across the Gulf Coast earlier this year, has been indicted by an Escambia County grand jury in the deaths of Kayla Croker, Alicia Greer and Jacqueline Moore.

Rice is charged with first-degree murder for the death of Kayla Crocker. She was found shot inside her own home in Beulah. Her mother found her. Crocker died on February 7.

Rice is charged with accessory after the fact for the deaths of Alicia Greer and Jacqueline Moore in Santa Rosa County. The women were shot to death in Emerald Sands Inn in Milton on January 31st.

Rice is scheduled to make her first appearance in Santa Rosa County on March 1 and will be arraigned on March 10 in Escambia County before Circuit Judge Joel Boles.



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