BREAKING: “No Signs of Trauma” in Death of 15-Year-Old Connected to Savage Murder

MOBILE, AL (WKRG) — Mobile Police Chief James Barber says there were “no obvious signs of trauma” in the death of a 15-year-old connected to the murder of Nia Savage.

Barber tells News 5’s Alison Spann that investigators are awaiting results of toxicology and pathology tests to determine the cause of death of Lakendrick Dyess, who was found dead in Eslava Creek last week.

The update rules out death by gunfire, stabbing, strangulation or any other cause that would show physical trauma to the body.  Community members have wondered whether Dyess’ death was the result of suicide or a revenge killing.

The scene of where Dyess' body was discovered.
The scene of where Dyess’ body was discovered.

Dyess, Savage’s boyfriend, was found dead in the Dog River litter trap on Wednesday morning.  Dyess was in the room with Savage when she was fatally shot on Valentine’s Day and ran out of the house.  The next time he was seen was in Dog River, where a worker discovered his body eight days after Savage’s death.

Chief Barber adds that it’ll be “some time” until we have the results of a toxicology or pathology test in the Dyess case.

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