ALERT: Two Arrested in “White Magic” Scam on Gulf Coast

WALTON COUNTY, FL (WKRG/CW55) — Deputies have arrested two people in a bizarre spell-casting scam involving “white magic.”

The Walton County Sheriff’s Office says the victim invited two “spell casters” into her residence to bless her home and her belongings with white magic. Among the belongings was $10,000 in cash and jewelry.

“White magic,” according to authorities, is embedded in some traditional religious beliefs and is usually performed for good and selfless reasons, such as the protection of one’s belongings.

The jewelry recovered belonging to the two victims.
The jewelry recovered belonging to the two victims.

The spell casters asked the victim to leave the room, saying they needed privacy while setting up their white magic shrine and performing the blessing ceremony.  Once the victim left, the suspects escaped the home with the $10,000 in cash.

After deputies arrived on scene, a second victim showed up and said she too had been robbed of jewelry in a white magic ceremony inside her home.

Deputies tracked down the suspect’s vehicle and arrested Katiria Rodriguez Correa, 19, and Miguel Vega, 29.  The pair were charged with grand theft and transported to the Walton County Jail.

In Correa and Vega’s possession were all the stolen belongings: $10,000 cash, six gold rings, four necklaces, two bracelets, and two pendants.

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