Ask Danny: Metal Roof Repair

Mobile, AL (WKRG)

For more information on home improvement topics check out Danny Lipford’s website.  Here’s a transcript of our conversation:

Chad: Alright Danny this person is asking, “I have a metal roof that is leaking, the roofer says ‘it’s happening at the seams’ but wants to put a whole new roof on, is there anything else he could try first?”
Danny: Hmm, there’s definitely something you can try first. Hopefully, it’s been installed properly and at the seam area of a metal roof is where it’s least likely to leak because it’s designed to overlap properly. If the screws have been installed right then you shouldn’t have a problem at all. Most likely it’s along a flashing area where it ties into a wall or where you have a valley area. Whoever they’re talking to they need to move away from them they’re not familiar with metal roofing. Metal roofing has gotten so popular now; you’ve got some really sharp guys out there you need to go to those pros. Most likely you get the guy who’s very familiar with metal roofing that does it on a routine basis. He will look and immediately go that’s the problem right there. And if it happens to be something to do with the seams you can loosen the screws, open it up, you have a special type of caulking made for metal roofing you can caulk the seams, reapply that and that will take care of that. Unless it was grossly installed wrong this should be able to be repaired with just a little bit of flashing and a little bit of a caulk.

Chad: And how do you find the right metal roofing guy now that you’re on the subject.

Danny: I’ll tell you what, call a local company that sells a lot of metal roofing they know who the guys are who that are doing the right kind of work because they’re buying from them so just look for the source of the material, call and say hey give me two or three names, you’ll get two or three names right away of the guys you need to use.

Chad: Alright, Danny Lipford never leaving you out in the rain, thank-you very much sir.

Danny: Glad to be here.

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