Teenager stabbed to death in Theodore in fight involving 3 high schools

Gaige Taylor

UPDATED 11:57 AM, Sunday, February 26th

We still don’t know if charges are pending in this case.  Mobile Police officers are still investigating.

“We still need to interview a couple others before we can determine if charges will be brought forth,” said Mobile Police Chief James Barber via text message to News 5 Sunday morning.

UPDATED 8:36  p.m.: 18-year-old Gaige Taylor was killed in a stabbing incident Friday night.

The incident stemmed from a fight that took place in Theodore, Alabama at a dirt pit near the Interstate.

Family members say that several teens were involved and that one of those teenagers stabbed Taylor. He was taken to the hospital where he later died.

There were also other injuries, with baseball bats, knives and other objects used. Police were also called to Canal Street where one injured teen was transported by ambulance from that location.

Mobile Police Chief James Barber told News 5 that the incident involved students from MGM, Theodore and Alma Bryant.

Family members also say they know the name of the teenager who stabbed Taylor.

Mobile Police say that if the suspect is a minor, they can’t release his name or confirm his name at this time.

Booking logs do not show a person by the name the family has in the Mobile County Jail.

News 5 sat down with Taylor’s father, Cody Taylor, Saturday night.

“He was so funny, always smiling, good-hearted,” said Taylor. “This is a tragedy,” he said, emotional.

He also had a message for kids.

“If I can say anything to them, the kids need to stop the violence, and don’t avenge anything, no parent needs to bury their child, ever,” he said.

And he added that parents need to step up.

“We are teaching our kids to fight when they should be walking away, maybe stuff like this wouldn’t happen,” he said.

Taylor added that Gaige was his best friend.

The investigation is ongoing, and we will update you as we learn more.

CORRECTION: The reporter said “Tyler” instead of Taylor twice. I apologize.

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