Hit and Run Suspect Arrested

The Florida Highway Patrol along with Escambia County Sheriff’s Office have made an arrest on a hit and run that occured on West Scott Street on February 14, 2017 in Escambia County.

Brandon Edward Colley was arrested for that hit and run.

Troopers were able to locate Colley’s vehicle and conduct a traffic stop after a short pursuit.

During the course of the hit and run investigation the Escambia County K-9 was also called to conduct a search of the vehicle.

The K-9 search conducted on the vehicle revealed a pill in the center console that was a schedule four illegal narcotic.

Colley was arrested on six counts listed below:

1. Leaving the Scene of Crash Involving Property Damage(Misdemeanor)
2. Reckless Driving(Misdemeanor)
3. Fleeing attempted to Elude(Felony)
4. Possession of Open Container (Infraction)
5. Driving on Suspended License (Felony)
6. Possession of Controlled Substance(Felony)

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