Mattie’s First Day Out Of The Hospital Is A Success!

Mattie Shackelford
The Baldwin County toddler enjoyed her first day out of the hospital.

BAY MINETTE, AL- What does a toddler who was seriously hurt in a 20-foot fall do on her first day out of the hospital?

Anything she wants.

Mattie had a fun, first day of freedom after spending 9 days at USA Children’s and Women’s Hospital. On February 13th, Mattie fell about 20 feet from the top of the bleachers while watching a soccer game with her aunt at Daphne High School.

Mattie fractured her skull and suffered a brain injury, but doctors now believe the 18-month old toddler will make a full recovery.

Mattie’s family took her to lunch, then to the park and wrapped up her special day with a shopping spree at Toys R Us. The girls’ family continues to thank the community for their support and prayers.



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