Scambuster: Cons Using Free Money As Bait


Another scam that has to do with banks. A scammer will pose as someone from the government saying the FDIC has taken money from you, and that you’re eligible to get compensation.

“What we have here is another example of someone trying to get your personal information,” says Sgt. Joe Mahoney

What happens is the caller says you have to answer a lot of questions in order to get the money.

“Essentially all they’re trying to do is get your routing number, your account number and a few personal identifiers and then they have access to your account,” says Mahoney.

And if they have access to your account, thieves will get their hands on all your money, or take out credit cards in your name and ruin your credit.

“Time after time, we try to reiterate this to people—don’t answer the phone if you don’t recognize the number, it’ll go to voicemail.”

And if you’re not sure whether something is a scam, do not call the number back. Instead, call the police or sheriff’s office about it and save yourself from becoming a victim.

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