Basketball Star spins up Smiles at Mobile Hospital

Extra smiles lit up the halls of USA Children’s and Women’s Hospital Monday afternoon. The Harlem Globetrotters Smile Patrol made rounds to meet with patients and their families.

Slick Willie Shaw was the player who showed kids how to spin a basketball on one finger. Fist bumps, taking photos, and high fives were all part of the Smile Patrol visit.

The Globetrotters’ visit is just one of many visits from special guests at the hospital. It’s part of what the USA calls distraction therapy.

“It was just cool to, like, be surprised, and have experiences and visitors that you wouldn’t normally get just on a normal day,” said Caroline Berry, a 14-year-old chemo patient at the hospital.  “He spun the ball on my finger. We took pictures. Yeah, he was just really nice.”

Berry is from Spanish Fort and is getting chemo at the hospital. Monday afternoon she was most looking forward to sharing her globetrotter photos with friends on social media.

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