This Weeks “Good Sport” Troy Young

Tonight’s Good Sport is a story of Tragedy, Inspiration, Family and Success.  A local High School football star’s dream is to become Rookie of the year in the NFL. If you know Troy Young, there’s a good chance that dream will come true.

National signing day earlier this month was a bitter sweet day for Troy Young. With his grandmother and little brother Dylon looking on, the Mobile Christian running back signed a scholarship to play football for the University of Arizona.

”I just felt relieved that all of that is over, I’m on to the next chapter,” said Troy Young.

On Troy’s mind that day and every day: his mother.  ”You lose your mother, it hurts. I had a great support system.”

Troy lost his mother to violence   — in July of 2006,  27 year old Valencia Young was murdered in her Prichard home by an ex-boyfriend. To make the crime even worse, 7-year old Troy and 2-year old brother Dylon witnessed the shooting. She died in Troy’s arms.

“It goes through my mind every day, really. I always have pictures going through my head, I try not to think about it as much, it still comes to my mind because I was there. It happened in front of me.”


“How am I going to deal with it, every day of my life I think about how he’s dealing with it, he put that into action,” said Yolanda Young, Troy’s grandmother.

Troy never knew his father and it was his grandmother, Yolanda, that helped save the family by taking her daughter’s boys and turning them into her own.

“Yes it could have turned real ugly, he could have been that bad guy.”

Troy grew into an outstanding football player and young man and with the help of the Mobile Christian High School family and Team Focus, Troy’s ready for the next chapter of his life.

“ I go to camp Team Focus, there’s always guys I look up to.  I come here there’s great guys I can look up to, I can look up to Coach Wasden, Coach Cottrell  I think about them as my second dads really,” said Troy Young.

“He’s the most respected guy in this program period, I mean it’s not even close, I mean every player, they love him, they respect him,” said Coach Cottrell.

“I think about it, I don’t think I could have handled what he has gone through, I don’t think I could have walked that road. People have tough things and a lot of guys become bitter and quit.”

Young: “ You are at one of the lowest points of your life, when you are this low there is nowhere to go but up. You can’t go any farther down, you can look left, you can look right it’s darkness, you look up and there is light,  that is the only way you can go,” said Troy Young.


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