Weather Contributes to Large Mardi Gras Business

Mardi Gras is a great chance to grab some free throws at downtown parades.  However, for downtown restaurants, it’s so much more.

Last weekend’s summerlike weather brought huge crowds to downtown.  Restaurant owners say beautiful, warm weather can bring 50 percent more people to downtown.  Bob’s Restaurant had large crowds all weekend from those searching for a good bite.

“Mardi Gras season is huge for everyone downtown in the restaurant industry down here,” said Tony Sawyer, Bob’s Restaurant Owner.  “Also, as well as the shops too because it brings people downtown that don’t normally come down.  It gives us an opportunity to have exposure to them.”

For many restaurants like bob’s, this means more than double the amount of food needs to be purchased.  Bob’s Restaurant ran out of shrimp and burgers last weekend.  They plan to use additional storage to be fully prepared this weekend.

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