Juvenile Court Judge: Teen Gun Violence On The Rise


15-year-old Niaa Savagee was shot and killed Tuesday night on Crenshaw Street. Police confirmed Thursday; the gun used was possibly stolen from an unlocked vehicle at Saturday’s Mardi Gras parade.

Even though a suspect has not been named, Juvenile Court Judge Ed Naman says gun violence among teenagers is getting out of hand.

“One of the biggest problems is, there is no adult supervision. I’m so tired of hearing parents begging me to let children out because they’ve had a gun or charged with some kind of gun crime and I think to myself, you know you had complete control of this situation. You knew who your children were hanging around, you’re not paying attention to them, you’re not taking the care that you need to be taking care of and now you’re asking me after the fact to let them out,” says Naman.

Adam Cannedy is a gun court probation officer. Today alone, he will see 51 juveniles in court who have been charged with a gun crime.

“That number is very high, it’s the highest we’ve had since we started our gun court program. We had a lot of gun charges and gun crimes in 2016 and that’s why the number is as high as it is,” says Cannedy.

According to Cannedy, most teenagers get guns by stealing them out of cars.

Naman says teenagers carry guns for one of two reasons. One–they’ve been glorified so they think it’s cool, or two–they’re being bullied and think showing a gun will protect them.

“When the consequences of carrying a gun outweigh their perceived reward of carrying a gun, then maybe we will have an impact on lowering these numbers,” says Cannedy.

As for the Crenshaw Street shooting—officials have confirmed a gun was found on the scene and are looking for a male suspect. Police are also looking into the fact that it could have also been a suicide. They are still waiting on autopsy results.

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