Man Questions Police Actions

At just 24 years old, Decolley Watson’s life was cut short Tuesday night after his Camaro hit a tractor trailer and then struck a utility pole on Highway 45 in Prichard.
For Sam Williams, who helped raise Watson, it’s a difficult loss. “We’re all hurt. We’re all shocked. He’s got a little baby..that gotta grow up now without a daddy”, said Williams.
What makes it more painful, Williams doesn’t believe the impact killed him, but instead how police handled the crash.  “I feel like he would have lived. Ok, I feel that he would have lived if they wouldn’t have pulled him out of the car by his neck. When he started out of the car..they should have let him out the car. Hitting a pole that hard. There’s no way you gonna be strong to do anything”.
Sgt. Robert Martin with The Prichard Police Department told News 5, officers grabbed Watson by his arms and the back of his shirt to pull him out of the wreck. They never pulled him by his head.  Martin also said, “It’s unfortunate Watson met his demise this way..but, he caused it himself.” Martin added that police didn’t chase Watson. He flew passed them speeding. They never caught up to him until after he “wrecked out.”

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