Video Shows Murphy Student Being Choked By Teacher

Mobile County School Officials confirm an investigation into a video that apparently shows a student being choked by a teacher.

The video was recorded by another student. It shows the student being choked by the teacher then going limp once he is let go.

“I actually remember him choking me. Then I just remember waking up with people around me asking me if I was fine,” said Daonte Washam who was held by the teacher.

Washam admits he was in a fight with another student before being grabbed, but says the force was unnecessary.

“I didn’t deserve that. That was unnecessary. That wasn’t even called for. They could have just pulled me away,” said Washam. “They could have at least tried to get behind me or held my arms they just straight up decided to choke me, I don’t know why they did that.”

School officials have not confirmed the name of the teacher or released his employment status but confirmed the incident happened and it is under investigation.

“We have seen the video. This was a fight that occurred last Wednesday and it is under investigation. We are following our process, but we do not allow fighting on campus. It is a personnel matter and we are not commenting any further on the situation at this time,” said district officials in a statement.

Washam’s family says they’ve filed a police report. We reached out to Mobile Police but could not confirm if they were investigating the incident.


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