Close Call for Daphne Couple When Bullets Hit Their House

Bullet hole in Daphne home.
Two people are in jail after firing a .45 in a Daphne neighborhood.

Bullet holes, the last thing a Daphne couple expected to see in their house.

It happened in the Eagle Creek subdivision when gunshots came through the woods behind Marci Spence’s house. Police say the house was hit twice. “One of them actually went through a back window, through the refrigerator and the second one went through a grill that was on the back porch and it blew pieces of the grill all over the place,” says Corporal Jason Vannoy.

The bullet that hit the grill missed Spence’s husband by inches. “It went through right there and he was sitting right here.”

Police arrested 18-year-old Kwontazious Coleman and 20-year-old Casey Kidd. They are behind bars charged with shooting into an occupied dwelling, receiving stolen property and tampering with evidence.

“The boys were playing with that gun,” says Spence, “and they were shooting at a tree, is what I understand, and one tree got hit and my house got the other two.”

And it wasn’t just any gun, it was a .45 caliber ACP. Police say it was stolen from an unlocked car in Mobile in August of 2015. “There is another reason to lock your cars up,” says Vannoy. “Here’s this gun showing up here and these two young men are in jail on account of it.”

The Spence’s know how lucky they are. A couple inches one way or the other and this would have been a very different story.

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