Ask Danny: New Faucet Handles on Granite

Mobile, AL (WKRG)

Danny Lipford talks about how to make new faucets look just right on an older countertop.  For more home improvement tips and advice anytime, check out Today’s Homeowner online.  Here’s a transcript of our conversation this morning:

Chad:  Alright Danny this person is asking “I’m switching faucet handles on my granite countertop that’s around 40 years old, the problem is the granite is very discolored from the old faucet.  What can I apply around the edge of the new faucet so that it won’t show the discoloration?”

Danny:  Okay, there are plates you can put that will cover a little bit larger of a footprint and you can use this as an opportunity to add a little decorative element to it, so when you’re choosing your faucet.  You want to make sure that plate is right because not all of them offer them for that very reason, now if you want to clean it just go to your pantry get out some baking soda and vinegar.  Make a slight little paste that you would create then you can use a sponge and just put it on there, let it sit there for a  little bit and then just have a little bit of abrasion that you may have with the sponge and you’ll be surprised.  A lot of times that residue will lift right off.  You might have to end up cleaning the whole thing realizing how easy it all is.

Chad:  What cleaners might you want to avoid for granite like that because some people might make a mistake and get the wrong substance for that job?

Danny:  Anything that’s too aggressive, something like Comet that would have that real aggressive nature.  That might put a little dullness over the overall finish of the granite.  So I would stay away from anything too abrasive, but something like baking soda and not using a very abrasive sponge you’ll be in good shape.

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