Murder Victim’s Father: “I’d Shoot the Son of a B**** on Site”

Alicia Greer
Alicia Greer, 30, pictured, and Jacqueline Moore, 39, were shot and killed at the Emerald Sands Inn in Milton, Florida, on Jan. 31, 2017.


On Jan. 31, deputies found 30-year-old Alicia Greer and 39-year-old Jacqueline Moore shot dead at Emerald Sands Inn in Milton, Florida.

On Monday, Greer’s father spoke with News 5 to share details about his daughter’s life, including her relationship with her alleged killer, William Boyette Jr.

Greer reportedly got into a fight with Boyette that landed her in the hospital, just 10 days before her death.

Greer’s father, Wayne Lane, described Greer as a loving mother, a fiercely independent woman and a passionate helper.  Lane said he felt uneasy about Boyette from the start.


“It was just one of them… something wasn’t right,” Lane said.  “Your radar goes off as a parent, and it was kinda like when your kid walks a little close to the edge of the road, and you wanna draw them in.

“But when they’re 30, you can’t.”

Greer started dating Boyette around Thanksgiving in 2016, but the relationship quickly turned sour.

Boyette beat Greer so badly, it landed her in the hospital.

“He choked her down to the ground, kicked her in the face, hit her so hard in the head with a 2-liter bottle of soda that was unopened she had to get stitches in the top of her head,” Lane said.

Despite it all, she kept an optimistic and humorous attitude towards the situation.

“We joked about [hospital procedures], that’s just the way we are,” Lane said. “I said, ‘They aren’t going to find anything when they look inside your head, Alicia.’ We had a good laugh about that.”

But then in the early hours of Jan. 31, all jokes were off. Deputies discovered Greer’s lifeless body, shot to death, in a motel room. Immediately, Lane thought of Boyette.. and what he could have done differently.


“As a father, it’s like, ‘Okay. I’ll go find this guy, I will take care of this,'” Lane said. “I told the deputy at that time, ‘I’ll give you an opportunity to take care of this,’ but I should have…”

Lane paused before continuing. “The thing you asked me, your question was ‘What do I wish had happened differently?’ I wish I would have shot him that week [he hospitalized her].”

“I would have gladly went to jail,” Lane concludes. “I’d put a needle in my d*** arm today if she was still alive, ’cause I would shoot the son of a b**** on site..I’d shoot him right now.”


Now as law enforcement continues the search for Greer’s alleged killer, her family plans the celebration for her life.

But Lane won’t be at peace until justice is had for his daughter.

Lane told News 5 the coroner suggested the family not have an open casket funeral. He said the coroner also suggested that neither of Greer’s parents see their daughter because of the severity of her wounds.

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