Citizen Asks Mobile to Become Sanctuary City


A Mobile citizen is asking the City Council to declare Mobile a sanctuary city.

A number of other cities across the country have passed resolutions, proclaiming they will not prosecute individuals for violating federal immigration laws and providing services to people regardless of their immigration status.

Birmingham passed a similar resolution earlier this month.

Albert Terry addressed Mobile’s city council asking for consideration Tuesday night.

“An ordinance to make Mobile a sanctuary city,” Terry said. “A city that welcomes people from all over the world, a city that opens its arms to people fleeing violence persecution, just outright absolute destruction in their home countries.”

None of the council members directly addressed the issue. However, after the meeting, Mayor Sandy Stimpson said he believes it’s appropriate the city follows the law.

“As long as there are federal laws and state laws that set guardrails for it, we are going to stay within those guardrails and work toward fixing the things that are broken in the city,” Stimpson said.

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