One Man Dead, Two Others Injured in a Shooting in Milton

34 year old Thomas Buckhalter lost his life last night after shots were fired at a house on Applegate in Milton.

His 18 year old cousin LaVontrey Carter saw it all unfold.

“I was there, like right on the side of him,” says Carter.

Carter says a few people were relaxing by fire in a back yard when they noticed something strange.

“The car hit the block twice, the second time they hit the block we looked at them,” says Carter.

He says the next thing that happened sent people running for their lives.

“They wind down the window and went to blasting,” says Carter.

Several shots, he says more than five, we know three people were hit by the bullets, but Carter says his cousin, Thomas Buckhalter had nothing to do with what happened.

“It ain’t even have nothing to do with him, they were aiming for someone else, he was an innocent bystander,” says Carter.

He says they don’t know who the intended target was, but, Buckhalter and two other victims were shot, no word on the status of their condition right now.

For Buckhalter’s family.

“He just told me I’m hit, and I didn’t know what to do,” says Carter.

They are grieving, and trying to find a way to heal from the lost of their loved one.

“Cause like that was his last breath like, he kept, when he breathe, it was like blood, he was trying to breath and talk to me, but that was it” says Carter.


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