Iraqi Native Reacts to President’s Travel Ban


There have been several protests around the nation in response to President Donald Trump’s travel ban that restricts traveler from seven Muslim-based countries.

We talked with a man who came to Mobile several years ago from Iraq, but has since become a U.S. citizen to get his reaction to the ban.

Salah Taher fled Iraq to escape the war. The Iraqi army was trying to recruit him, so he fled, coming to America by way of Lebanon. He has now been a U.S. citizen for several years. His take on the ban is a little different than those you see out protesting.

“I think God is behind everything. If I need to ask this question-if what happened today, is it from God or from the people, I can’t say it’s from the people, it’s from God. So God has the control. I’m too sad, really, I’m sad about what happened, I’m sad about my family but I know from this side, and I believe from this side, everything happens to be good for us,” says Salah Taher.

Members of Taher’s family, like his brother, are still over in Iraq and he is in the process of trying to bring him over to the states. He says he’s waiting to see what will happen after the three month ban has ended.

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