Brother of Woman Traveling with Alleged Murderer Fears for Her Life

While investigators hunt for alleged murderer Billy Boyette, the family of the woman traveling with him are desperate for answers.

SOURCE: Joe Craig
SOURCE: Joe Craig
SOURCE: Joe Craig
SOURCE: Joe Craig

37-year-old Mary Rice is classified as a person of interest, meaning authorities don’t know if she’s an accomplice or hostage.

“Honestly it’s been heart-wrenching to know she’s even involved in all of this,” her brother, Joe Craig, said,

Craig said Rice was trying to turn her life around when Boyette came into the picture.

“At first I thought they were just friends. Somebody later told me they had just started dating. I don’t know if that’s credible though,” Craig said, mentioning that he only met Boyette once at his sister’s house a few weeks ago.

SOURCE: Joe Craig
SOURCE: Joe Craig

“It was like a ‘hi. how are you doing?’ Then, I talked to my sister and left,” Craig said. “I don’t know anything about him.”

Craig said their entire  family is distraught, searching for any clues about whether or not Rice is even still alive.

thumbnail_mary-rice“These senseless killings and rampages. That’s not like her. We just want her home safe and to know the truth of what’s going on,” Craig said.

They’re begging the public to take a close look at her pictures and if you’ve seen her or think you might have, call the authorities.


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