Atlanta Falcons Kicker Calls Alabama Gulf Coast Home

File photo of Falcons' Kicker's Ono Island Home.

Matt Bryant is a placekicker for the Atlanta Falcons, playing in the 51st Superbowl on Sunday, his first, at age 41.

Bryant, the father of 7 children, had a home on Ono Island that he sold late last year for more than $2 million.

But he wasn’t looking to leave, he just needed more room as his family grew.

After the Superbowl, Orange Beach will be their primary residence, according to their realtor, Kathy Trice.

Trice says the Bryant family is thrilled to be in Orange Beach, where they are building a 9,000 square-foot home.

“They love how quiet it is, how quaint,” Trice said.

And while he’s mentally focused on game-day, she said the family is looking forward to settling down on the Alabama Gulf Coast.

Check out some photos from their former Ono Island house, as well as see the view from their new plot of land, in the story video above.

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