Ask Danny: Toilet Troubles

Mobile, AL (WKRG)

We talk with Danny Lipford about how to make sure your toilet fits just right in your bathroom or restroom.  For more home improvement tips check him out online at Today’s Homeowner.

Here’s a transcript of our conversation:

Chad:  Well Danny this question is about the bathroom, we replaced our toilet but it doesn’t cover where the linoleum was already cut from the old toilet is there an easy way to repair this, also the toilet wobbles, how do you correct that?  First, let’s address the linoleum issue,

Danny:  Right that happens because the footprint of toilets are all different, hopefully when you’re replacing one it will be the same or slightly larger, it’s very hard to predict that, unless you do a lot of measuring create a little template and if you have a small gap around it, you can successful caulk it without any problem but if you have a larger gap there’s really nothing you can do, there’s no little plate or anything that you can put down you really have to replace the floor.  People don’t like to hear that but that’s the only way you can go about that.

Chad:  so maybe they’re in the market for a toilet skirts, so no one notices

Danny:  that’s very attractive

Chad:  so what about making sure the toilet doesn’t wobble if your toilet does have a bit of a wobble to it what can you do?

Danny:  There are some things you can do, if the base of the toilet is sitting on the floor you should not have any wobbles, it goes from your mounting screws that are there, and those screws can fit inside the little flange that’s part of the house plumbing and should be substantial and then you’re able to tighten that up very carefully, you hate to have that last little bit of tightening and you break the toilet so, you have to be very careful to tighten a little on each side you shouldn’t have that problem but there is a little wobble in there, there are little plastic shims that are available at the home center you can put it right under there to level it out.

Chad; How do you know you might be tightening that too much

Danny:  do it really slowly, you don’t have to tighten it like you’re tightening an alternator on your car.  You just need to tighten it up enough to where it won’t wobble leave it alone at that point.

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