Two Bodies Found at a Santa Rosa County Motel: Investigation Still Pending

Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s investigators got the call just after seven this morning, two people, found dead, inside a room at the emerald sands suites on Highway 90.

People who live in the motel watched as investigators worked the scene today. They wouldn’t talk on-camera, but did tell me a woman and man were staying in the room where the bodies were found, they checked in Friday night.

People at the motel also told me they heard the couple get into an argument Friday night, others say, they heard six gunshots around 2-thirty this morning.

Investigators say two people were shot and killed.

“They were both deceased, shortly after our investigators arrived, they worked this scene behind me as you can see, that’s working the case, it’s very active right now,” says Sgt Rich Aloy.

We wanted to know, how many times sheriff’s deputies have responded to calls at the motel in the last year, so we pulled the report, which is 27 pages long.

This month alone, deputies have responded to calls from the motel 29 times, ranging from trespassing, to medical emergencies, and even a narcotics violation.

As for this death investigation, detectives are still working to piece it all together.

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