Woman Connected to Road Rage Shooting Arrested


Mobile County Sheriff’s Investigators has arrested a woman in connection with a suspected road rage shooting last week in Semmes. 30-year-old Tabitha Lane is being held on drug charges, but officials say she is the owner of the car used in the shooting.

Last Wednesday a man drove himself to the North Side Substation on Moffett Road after realizing he had been shot.

The victim told detectives that he left his house earlier that morning for work and made his regular stop on Moffett Road for his morning coffee.

After purchasing his coffee he began driving east on Highway 98 and as he approached Ed George Road, a white vehicle that was in front of him began to slow down and came to complete stop in the middle of the road. He blew his horn and began going around the vehicle when he heard glass break and realized he had been shot.

Deputies do not believe Lane was the shooter, but say she may have been in the car at the time. Investigators are confident additional arrests will be made in the case as soon as Wednesday.

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