Judiciary Committee Vote on Sessions Pushed to Wednesday

The Judiciary Committee will vote on Jeff Sessions Wednesday.  The committee will have the vote tomorrow morning at 9:30 Central.  It’s expected that a Democratic member will invoke a rule to push the vote back another day.  Last week the ranking Democrat asked for a one-week delay on the vote.

The vote comes as chaos grips the Department of Justice.  Donald Trump fired acting Attorney General for refusing to enforce the administration’s controversial executive action on immigration.

Sessions has been lauded by conservatives as a man who will uphold the law and enforce it equitably.  He’s a man who was once rejected by this same committee who went on to sit on that same committee as a Senator for years.

“Having someone like Jeff Sessions with this new administration to try and set things right to make sure we have a department of justice that’s dedicated across the board to enforcing the law,” said Carrie Severino with the Judicial Crisis Network.  Sessions has faced opposition in recent days.  Several members of the NAACP held a protest at Sessions office Monday ending in 11 arrests.

This is an attorney general who stood against every effort to put forward comprehensive immigration reform in this country not realizing we are a nation of immigrants,” said NAACP National President Cornell Brooks.  

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